We invest in helping our partners and investors grow

Blockheath is a digital asset manager that deploys discretionary long/short equity, systematic, and macro investing strategies, complemented by a growing portfolio of private venture investments


We function on a scale that reduces the barrier to entry, enabling anyone to join us as a partner and become one of our investors. The process of becoming an investor is straightforward and effortless. Prospective investors simply need to complete our investor form and deposit their investment funds with us. These funds are then added to our pool, from which we make investments.

We specialize in procuring equities from promising startups and projects with the potential for substantial returns. Once we have made investment decisions, we notify our investors about the selected projects and startups, and distribute the acquired equities among them. Our investors are regularly informed about their potential earnings on a quarterly basis. To ensure that our investors receive the full benefit of their earnings, we charge a one-time service fee of 2.2% on investment funds. The earnings can be either credited to the investors' accounts or reinvested.

Investment Options

We provide three simple portfolio options.

We provide our investors with the opportunity to obtain loans using their assets as collateral. Investors become eligible for loans when the value of their assets has increased by at least 4% in two consecutive quarters.

To obtain additional information regarding investment opportunities and loans, please contact us, via our email. An investment advisor will be in touch.