$18,218,932.98 borrowed backed by $98,201,934.42 in asset and collateral with 748 investors

Blockheath offers anyone the opportunity to invest cryptocurrencies as assets in startups and projects. Investors can take a loan and pay with the interest earned. Nfts are accepted as collateral for loans.

Why Blockheath

Blockheath aims to address the challenges posed by the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies through the establishment of sustainable investment opportunities. Their approach involves securing and preserving the value of crypto assets, while also providing avenues for earning interest and accessing loans based on asset valuation.


Assets are cryptocurrcies held in our pool of asset classes to acquire equities in startups and projects to maintain the value of these assets and earn interest.


Our partner-investors earn interests from their asset in our pool, our team send quarterly sercular so all our partner-investors are up to date on asset perfomance and earnings.


Partner-investors can take loans on their assets. These loans are paid from earnings from their assets while the original asset is intact.

Startups & Projects

Our investment experts are part of networks such as accelerator and incubator programs, venture and private equity firms etc. To keep up with startups and projects with potential for growth opportunities.


We have simplified investments in technology such that in simple steps and with as low as $500, anyone can become an investor-partner at blockheath. We have multiple asset classes and these assets classses are determined by investment classes.


As a tech based blockchain investment firm, we are growing into investment across different technology and most importantly to make investing and earning simple and easy for everyone.

Let us walk you through

Why loose coins in exchanges when you can lock-in its values in startups and projects. We are here to help you make investing simple and easy.

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We Are Driven By New Challenges

We are constantly seeking avenues for growth and acquiring fresh expertise to enhance our organization. Our commitment to achieving sustainable and diversified returns drives our expansion efforts, encompassing various regions, strategies, and asset classes. The following factors defines us;

Quality Service

Risk Management

Problem Solving

Simplify Complex Process


Some of Our Investors

We are committed to deliver excellent service

The team at Blockheath is incredibly knowledgeable and well-versed in all aspects of asset management. From traditional investment strategies to emerging trends, they have a thorough understanding of the market landscape

James Campbell
James Campbell

Founder @Castcoin

Blockheath has earned my trust and confidence. Their expertise, transparency, and commitment to excellence make them an exceptional choice for anyone seeking top-notch asset management services.

Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor

COO @bitxpress

One of the reasons I chose Blockheath was their proactive investment strategy. They actively monitor market conditions, identify potential opportunities, and adjust my portfolio accordingly.

Josh Peterson
Josh Peterson

Founder @petecap

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